Dentures and Bridges

Dentures and Bridges

Restorations are a great way to mend teeth and restore them to their natural beauty and elegance. When you're suffering from the hassle of a missing or broken tooth, our team can help you choose the best type of restoration. 

A complete set of teeth not only adds to the mouth's appearance but keeps them functional too. Encountering with gaps between your teeth may stop you chewing, biting, and most of all laughing and showing out your true smile. Teeth also function better and are more effective without gaps. When it comes to restorations, the most obvious call would be for implants as they are popular and serves the purpose, but there are other types of dental restoration such as bridges and dentures that are effective and exhibits the same function.


Dental bridges can help bridge the gap between missing teeth by using false tooth structures known as pontics. Pontics can be made of several materials that include porcelain, or even Gold. Dental bridges can be removable or fixed. Custom-designed bridges can be made to suit your choice of treatment. Dental bridges are made of two or more sets of cap-shaped restorations known as crowns. They hold within them, a false tooth, known as the pontic. Dental bridges can be held in place with the help of implants.


Missing or failed teeth can have a lot of implications on the patient's facial features. Missing teeth from the upper and lower jaw can be replaced by dental prosthetics known as dentures. Dentures are made of an acrylic base that would act as the gums to support the patient's artificial teeth. They can cover either both the upper and lower jaws of the mouth or just one of the arches that need replacement of teeth. Dentures are either removable or fixed. Full dentures replace several sets of missing teeth while partial dentures replace only one or more missing teeth.

Advantages of Dental Bridges and Dentures

  • Offers restorative and aesthetic corrections
  • Helps in terms of speech and phonetics
  • Allows the patient to chew and masticate with ease
  • Prevents shifting of teeth
  • Reduces bite issues to a great extent

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