General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Our group of practices at Everyone's Family Dental cares about your dental health as much as you do. We provide our patients with comprehensive general dental services such as X-rays, dental examinations, cleanings, and others. Practicing good oral hygiene is key to ensuring long-lasting dental health. 

General Dental Services

Exams and Dental Examinations

During your routine hygiene visits with us, our dentist would thoroughly examine your oral cavity as a routine process to check for abscesses, decay, failing tooth, cracks, or cavities. By using diagnostic tools, the dentist would be able to get a closer look at your dental condition for proper diagnosis.

Dental Cleanings

Our dental hygienists perform deep teeth cleaning that is different from regular dental cleanings. 

Prophy - A basic cleaning method for your teeth. This helps remove plaque on the tooth and the gum line.

Full Mouth Debridement - A full mouth debridement helps remove plaque and tartar.

Scaling and Root Planing -Any signs of active gum or periodontal disease helps remove the build-up of plaque and clean root surfaces.

Dental Fillings

Fillings help restore badly decayed teeth saving it from extractions. They come in different materials to suit your case.


Dental sealants are applied over the surface of the teeth to protect it against the cavity. Sealants are usually applied on the back of the teeth that cover deep pits and grooves. They act as a barrier against decay. However, patients are advised to brush and floss every day.

In general, it is essential to maintain the health of your gums and teeth on a regular basis by practicing routine oral hygiene at home. 

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