Root Canal

Root Canal

A damaged or infected dental pulp is the general call for a root canal/root canal therapy. An endodontist would the right dental specialist who'd be trained to take care of this dental case. 

The dentin is the layer that protects the inner soft tissues of the teeth known as the dental pulp. The dental pulp comprises of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. A combination of this ensures the timely supply of nutrition to your teeth.

Sometimes, an external injury of the dentin may lead to the entry of bacteria into these tissues causing extreme infection. A root canal gives the patient an opportunity to save their natural teeth without having it extracted, which is always the final measure to save a tooth.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is an endodontic therapy that involves the removal of any bacteria that has diseased your teeth. It is the best way to relieve the patient from any serious pain to regain teeth strength and aesthetics. A root canal can also protect teeth from staining and excessive wearing.

Who is the ideal candidate for a root canal?

A patient who suffers from a deep cavity, decay, tooth sensitivity likely to be the best candidate for a root canal.

An untreated infection may risk the tooth from running into a deep infection, pulp damage, loss of bone, swelling, and other complications.

What can the patient expect during a root canal?

A typical root canal would involve the below steps:

Examination - Your signs of tooth pain and swelling would be closely examined with diagnostic tools such as digital X-rays and dental mirrors.

Administering Anesthesia - Once the endodontist decides to carry out the procedure, he/she would begin the procedure by administering the patient with local anesthesia.

Pulpectomy - A pulpectomy is a procedure that involves making a small entry into the diseased tooth. This would create an entry to access the infected dental pulp.

Once the endodontist successfully removes the infection, the access hole would be sealed after filling the tooth with a gutta-percha material (a biocompatible material).

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